I was bullied as a teenager. Between the jokes about my weight, the insensitivity about my grades, and the taunting about who I liked I was probably the most bullied person in my class. A lot of people didn’t see it happening, or if they did they ignored it, but I knew what the majority of the class thought about me. Sure, I had a few loyal friends who stuck by me, because they liked me for who I really was; but I couldn’t seem to focus on the good.

The worst time I was ever bullied was when someone I liked told me they liked me back, but then told the entire school that it was just a joke. It nearly broke my heart to pieces when one of my good friends brought this to my attention. I cried for days.

That was six years ago, but the bullying hasn’t changed. Kids are still being subject to these taunts and cruel words and adults aren’t taking it seriously. They figure “kids just pick on other kids, it’s natural”, but it’s not. Our country is based on freedom and equality and that belief should be taught to our children. Bullying is serious and should be taken seriously, no matter the extent of the actual bullying. One little thing, like picking on a friend because she has a crush, could lead to things more emotionally destructive. What would you do if your children came home crying, because one of the people in her school started spreading around an altered photograph of him or her that showed them half naked or involved in a shocking activity?


Sherryl Woods (http://sherrylwoods.com/index.html) addresses this issue in her book, Catching Fireflies, and really strikes you in the heart. If you ever want to read a book that makes you cry, laugh, get angry, be happy, be worried, be scared, be hopeful, and be sympathetic at the same time this is the book to buy. The characters are relate able, caring, loving, and a family. The town of Serenity is a town you wish you lived in and town you will visit in your dreams. But, most importantly, it is a book that captures your heart and puts a smile on your face.


2 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. “Our country is based on freedom and equality and that belief should be taught to our children.” Your absolutely right! It’s unfortunate that bullying has worsen over the past decade. Hopefully, schools will introduce programs that discourage the practice.

    • I hope schools will be that smart as well, but unfortunately sometimes that doesn’t stop things. Children need punishment, real punishment, or it doesn’t get through to them how dangerous and important this problem is. I’m not saying they need to be expelled, because they will just go to another school and start it there, but rather jocks need to be taken off sports teams, scholarships need to be threatened, and such things like that. However, most schools will say that it is too much to deal with the backlash over the punishment, completely forgetting about the victim in the situation; the bullied student.

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